Ing. Rutger Visser

I am currently finishing Msc. of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente and am in possession of a Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore I have worked on team-based R&D projects for companies with additive manufacturing as a foundation. I am an all-round experienced design engineer with experience varying from Technical Design, Sales&Marketing and System Integration, to completing fundamental research about vertebrae-like robotics for emulating locomotion in limbless animals. I am fluent in four languages and have a background as a full-time Judo athlete.
As most people know, 3D printing is greatly increasing its capabilities every day. Ranging from 3D printed heart implants to a quick rapid prototype that can be manufactured over night on the desk of a student. Without realizing it, 3D printing greatly improves our lives day by day. Some of the great benefits is that a model can be produced with practically zero waste material, and without extensive knowledge required for multiple processes to produce a part. Not only that, but I sincerely believe that with the ability to rapidly produce very complex models with a single production method people’s lives can be improved, or even saved. This is the single reason for the foundation of this company, 3D Medical Support.