Ir. Ing. Chiel de Nijs

I have a Msc. in Sustainable Energy Technology and own a Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering. I have an affinity towards thermal systems, sustainable energy, product design and additive manufacturing. I have worked in several R&D departments where I have performed work ranging from technical drawing, strength calculations, FEM, CFD and heat transfer calculations as well as working with diverse types of 3D printers. I am fluently spoken and written in Dutch, English, French and speak basic German.

While working and studying as a mechanical engineer I have gained great reverence for additive manufacturing and its ability to revolutionize processes in industry and indeed revolutionize entire industries. I believe 3D printing will be a part of nearly every process in the near future and will help to decrease lead-times, increase customization of products as well as achieve product geometries and specifications previously impossible all whilst creating a more sustainable, fair and habitable planet.